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I’ve figured out that the worst feeling you can ever have is hope. You start out hoping that someday, maybe, by the grace of God you’ll be loved by the person you love most. You hope and you pray for it every night and day by day it rips you apart and leaves festering wounds that kill you slowly and leave you traumatized and scared of everything around you. After a while you start to loose faith in yourself but somehow you still hope. You reach for it like a life ring that gets pulled away from you every time your close to it, then you drowned. I have to remind myself every night that I’m just another girl, another toy, and not enough.





Some of my resolutions were to save money, dress better, craft more, and write more. I’ve been able to combine all of these into a 15 day plan to craft an accessory with stuff I have on hand or can buy cheap, and write a how-to. So hear was day one.

A pin made out of dryer sheets.


What you need:
2 dryer sheets
Silver glitter pen
Small beads
Pin back

1.) Cut 2 of each circles out of the dryer sheets in graduating sizes. You can use any sizes you want. My biggest was 3 1/4 in. and the smallest was 1 1/2 in. You will have a total of 8 circles in 4 sizes.


2.) Take 1 each of the 3 biggest and rim the edges in silver glitter glue, set aside to dry.


3.) Cut narrow strips the width of the 3 big circles and crisscross over the circles without glitter.


(note: normally I would advise against crafting in bed but I did this so I could use straight pins in the mattress to keep everything straight while I worked. Just make sure not to leave any pins behind!)

4.) Sew the small beads to the 2 smallest circles (stacked together) in any pattern you like (I did a flower)

5.) When the glitter is dry stack the parts going glittered big, big with crisscrossed strips and then each graduating circle in that order then sew them all together.
6.) Sew a pin on the back.

YOU’RE DONE. Wear with pride!