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T-3 days


i fly out in 3 days.
That is right i leave Saturday at 10:10 AM
and i have a Ton of stuff to do before i leave!
For instance i’m not even packed. I don’t even have all my clothes. It’s really very upsetting to me and i really should do it. Right now. But, alas all the stores are closed so i suppose it will have to wait till tomorrow. I made a huge list of everything that has to be done and hopefully i can get it all done.
Pray for me!


Hello world!


I was going to delete Hello World as the post name but i actually thought it was very fitting because this whole blog will be about my trip to Romania.

Im leaving on Sept. 3rd for a 2 month trip to Romania to work in an orphanage. this will be the 3rd time ive gone to Romania but the 1st since they got any kids it and im really excited!

There is so much i have to do before i can leave but luckily a few weeks ago my church decided to bless me with $1000 dollars for my plane ticket and i’d sold $200 dollars worth of cupcakes which meant i only had to pay $70 for and my boyfriends parents covered that. Since the biggest expense has been paid for there no chickening out now.

I have a lot of stuff to do and only 22 days to do it!