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230 cookies


When I was little I loved Christmas. Actually last year I loved Christmas. The big difference is last year I had a job and could buy gifts. This year I can’t afford Taco Bell. Last year I had some one to celebrate with. This year even my moms gone until the 22nd.  And I Know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts but really I just feel awful when people have gifts for me and I have nothing to give them.  So today I decided to stop hatin and start bakin. Since I have a very limited income I decided that every one on my holiday list is getting cookies (and a few small gifts I brought home from Romania). So today I started my holiday baking with my aunt and a cousin plus L & E. We spent all evening  in the kitchen and ended with a total of 230 cookies so far. Yes so far. I’m still not even half done! I find myself in much more of a holiday spirit now that I know that there will be some delicious cookies to hand out and I got some bonding time with my family.

Now to do some future career research,

Hannah Leona