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230 cookies


When I was little I loved Christmas. Actually last year I loved Christmas. The big difference is last year I had a job and could buy gifts. This year I can’t afford Taco Bell. Last year I had some one to celebrate with. This year even my moms gone until the 22nd.  And I Know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts but really I just feel awful when people have gifts for me and I have nothing to give them.  So today I decided to stop hatin and start bakin. Since I have a very limited income I decided that every one on my holiday list is getting cookies (and a few small gifts I brought home from Romania). So today I started my holiday baking with my aunt and a cousin plus L & E. We spent all evening  in the kitchen and ended with a total of 230 cookies so far. Yes so far. I’m still not even half done! I find myself in much more of a holiday spirit now that I know that there will be some delicious cookies to hand out and I got some bonding time with my family.

Now to do some future career research,

Hannah Leona




I’m getting started on my resolutions early this year!

So clearly I’m really, truly, very bad at staying current on things (A.K.A. flaky)

A few examples could be:

  • This blog
  • my other blog
  • the 7 half-finished journals on my bookshelf
  • my to-do list
  • the box of dead dreams
  • everything else i never came through on

So there’s your proof.

I really would like to get better at this (and a few other things) so im starting to use this blog to keep me accountable for what im supposed to do.  I was originally going to use it to remember the highlights of my travels but, well, that fell through so here i am. And in all hokeyness aren’t we just traveling through life? So i suppose its fitting. 🙂

There are 3 things i would really like to pursue in the upcoming year:

  1. My creative writing course
  2. Midwifery
  3. General self-improvement

and really I wouldn’t mind getting a date or 2 along the way but that’s not a goal per say.

So here is my oath of non-flaky

” I Hannah Leona here by swear to update this blog regularly. Or at least as often as I watch Glee reruns.”


Hannah Leona signing off