Some of my resolutions were to save money, dress better, craft more, and write more. I’ve been able to combine all of these into a 15 day plan to craft an accessory with stuff I have on hand or can buy cheap, and write a how-to. So hear was day one.

A pin made out of dryer sheets.


What you need:
2 dryer sheets
Silver glitter pen
Small beads
Pin back

1.) Cut 2 of each circles out of the dryer sheets in graduating sizes. You can use any sizes you want. My biggest was 3 1/4 in. and the smallest was 1 1/2 in. You will have a total of 8 circles in 4 sizes.


2.) Take 1 each of the 3 biggest and rim the edges in silver glitter glue, set aside to dry.


3.) Cut narrow strips the width of the 3 big circles and crisscross over the circles without glitter.


(note: normally I would advise against crafting in bed but I did this so I could use straight pins in the mattress to keep everything straight while I worked. Just make sure not to leave any pins behind!)

4.) Sew the small beads to the 2 smallest circles (stacked together) in any pattern you like (I did a flower)

5.) When the glitter is dry stack the parts going glittered big, big with crisscrossed strips and then each graduating circle in that order then sew them all together.
6.) Sew a pin on the back.

YOU’RE DONE. Wear with pride!




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